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Registration for New Families is Now Open! Request an Interview and Virtual Tour Now!
Registration for New Families is Now Open! Request an Interview and Virtual Tour Now!
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Monday, March 1
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Friday, March 5
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Robert Blunt: Elementary Teacher
Stephanie Doggart: Elementary Teacher
Jessica Vickery: Elementary Teacher
Dahlia Botros: Elementary Teacher
Tabitha Lackey: Elementary Teacher
Alwina Suangco: Custodian
Scott Newbury: Senior High Teacher
Heather Newbury: Senior High Teacher
Judith Jacobs: Elementary Teacher
Jeremiah Doggart: Senior High Teacher
Tim Bramer: Elementary Teacher
Andy Cabral: Principal
Jennifer Plouffe: Elementary Teacher
Annette Cabral: Junior High Teacher
Felix Suangco: Custodian

A Word from the Principal

What difficult challenges are confronting young minds and hearts this year as they seek to re-orient themselves in a world changing daily and dramatically. 

Thankfully, for more than 40 years, Brampton Christian School has had the explicit mission to go beyond academics and to provide quality social, physical, and spiritual education. 

We work with our parents to build a firm foundation for our students, so that when the world seems to threaten harm, they can continue growing with confidence, connected to something infinitely bigger than themselves—the love of God through Jesus Christ.    

Our theme verse for this year is from Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome:

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.”  Romans 12:21

Paul also unpacks the way to overcome evil and I have to say, his proposal is counter-cultural to what we all hear in the media today.  We are to overcome evil not through power politics, nor by shouting louder, nor by manipulation, nor by rugged individualism.  We overcome evil, according to Romans 12, through grace, sacrifice, and a sense of God’s incredible love for us and for others.

For everything from pandemic fears to issues of racial injustice, we pray for guidance and prepare earnestly to engage our students, empowering them to process, to express, and ultimately, to flourish.

In spite of the challenges, we are expecting an exciting year of growth!


Andy Cabral