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Dance and Gymnastics

An exciting program with Ashlee Johanis (formerly DeWeerd), a Canadian dance leader.

Ashlee Johanis attended BCS from SK to Grade 12 and has been teaching dance at BCS for 4 years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge at a place where she was able to gain so much knowledge during her own school years.

Mrs. Johanis says that the most challenging part of her job is coming up with more than fifty dances each year and making them unique and interesting to watch. When asked how she would explain her job she answered, “Take years of dance training, costumes, and competitions combined with a passion to dance and share all of that knowledge with others. Add that to tons of prep time, driving here, there and everywhere and you get an amazing job of ultimately doing what I love.”

Her advice for students who want to become dancers is that you shouldn’t settle for dancing in a way the world has changed it to be. The One who created dance can provide you with opportunities and training to use and develop the talents that He gave you. If you love to dance, dance! It’s never too late to learn.

Students from JK to Grade 8 can participate in the dance program offered by Mrs. Johanis as part of their Physical Education classes. Classes are offered during lunch time for some of the younger students but are usually after school:

  • Tuesday/Thursday 12:50-1:20 > JK-Gr. 2
  • Tuesday 3:35-4:35 > Beg./Int. Acro (Open to all ages with the following pre-requisite: Straight arm bridge, full cartwheel)
  • Thursday 3:35-4:35 > Gr. 3-5 

Mrs. Johanis has been an amazing addition to our school and we are happy to have her teaching so many kids a truly wonderful art form.

Please use the "Connect with Us" service to inquire further or to pre-book your program for the term.