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Junior High

Our staff is experienced, dedicated, and most importantly they all love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and live this out in front of the students every day. We take very seriously the partnership between us as teachers, and our families, as we assist in raising the children through these challenging pre-teen and teenage years. 

I am blessed to work with a very talented group of educators, and our students are blessed to receive instruction from teachers that are comfortable, proficient, and experienced in their subject areas.  I am proud to highlight the individuals who make up our Junior High teaching team:

Grade Six: Miss Luimes, Mr. Heslinga, Mrs. Doggart.

Our grade six classes are much like an elementary grade class. The students have the close care and attention of one of our fantastic grade six teachers, but they start to branch out with Computers, French, Music and Art from our rotary teachers.    

Grade 6 is an exciting year as it marks the beginning of Junior High at Brampton Christian School. Grade 6 is the first year for students to participate in the instrumental music program. Students have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents on two occasions throughout the year. These events are the Christmas Concert and Arts Night, which is held in early May.

Sports are an important part of life in Junior High. Grade 6 students are able to try out for a variety of sports teams, including cross-country, track, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and swimming.

Students in Grade 6 participate in several field trips throughout the year. Trips that have been taken recently include the Toronto Zoo, Crawford Lake Conservation Area, attending an Argos football game, and skiing at Hockley Valley. Every year towards the end of May the classes attend a two day retreat at Teen Ranch. This time away is a great time of bonding for students and teachers as the year draws to a close. Activities include canoeing, horseback riding and cooperative games.

The Grade 6 curriculum follows the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines. An Important addition to this is the Christian Education class each day. Christian Education is an opportunity for students to both share and learn more about Christianity and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Grade 7 and 8 Rotary:

Our Junior High schedule closely mirrors our Senior High schedule, and we see the Junior High years as a transition to high school.  Research shows that a Junior High rotary program, with specific subjects, eases the transition to high school and increases the likelihood of success. I am thankful to serve with subject specialists - teachers sharing in their area of passion and experience.        


Grade 7 and 8 English: Ms. Garrovillo

For English studies, we use Biblical themes throughout. Like the rest of the teaching staff, Ms. Garrovillo models excellence and attention to detail for her students.   


Grade 7 and 8 Mathematics and Science: Miss Mackenzie, Miss Yu, and Mr. Miller

After our school expansion, our Junior High took over what was previously the Senior High wing of our school. With the wonderful physical space and resources that we have, I feel that we have the best Junior High facility in the Region of Peel. This applies especially for learning science, math, and computer technology.  

In all of our science classes at BCS there is no disconnect between science and Christianity. By definition, a scientist is someone who asks questions. In my classes, and through science fair projects, we encourage the students to ask the BIG questions.  As we continue to ask questions, I know that ‘the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth’. John 16: 13   As we study math and science, the students are pointed directly to God, through the glory of His creation.

Like the rest of the staff, Miss Mackenzie is extremely organized, making the absolute most of every minute of class time.  This allows her students to experience the math curriculum in great depth, and also have ample time for review. She supports her students with great care and opportunities for extra help.   

Miss Yu is unquestionably passionate about Science and Mathematics. She uses engaging hands-on activities to make and strengthen curriculum connections. 


Grades 6, 7 and 8 Computer Technology Classes: Mr. Lougheed

We are blessed to continue to feature a special course in Computer Technology for all JH students with weekly class time dedicated to it, and instructed by a specialized teacher sharing from a Christian perspective.  The Junior High has now transitioned to having all students provide and bring their own device (laptop or Chromebook) for computer technology classes (along with use in their other classes as needed.) The computers course curriculum is designed in-house, and is always being updated by Mr. Lougheed. Studies currently include Lego robotics, digital image editing, typing skills, coding, HTML web programming and skillful application of end user programs such as Google sheets and slides.


Grades 6, 7 and 8 French: Ms. Lau and Mrs. Beerley

At BCS we use AIM – Accelerated Integration Method for teaching French to grades 6, 7 and 8.  This program uses a great deal of oral conversation in context as a means to learn French – which is a more natural and effective way to learn a language. We have seen great dividends, with increased fluency and retention of the French language amongst the students.  


Grade 7 and 8 Physical Education and Health: Mrs. Cabral and Mr. Lackey

Like all of our other subject areas, we use the Ontario curriculum as a guideline, but as a private Christian school, we are not at all bound by it. We teach all physical education and health topics completely within a Biblical worldview. In addition to regular physical education and health classes, we offer a variety of sports teams and intramurals, all year round.  


Grades 6, 7 and 8 Visual Art: Mrs. Cabral

Grades 6, 7 and 8 Instrumental Music: Mr. McArthur

I am very proud of our arts department that we feature in our Christmas and Spring Arts Nights. We have protected the class time and invested the resources necessary for our students to do real art work at a high level of proficiency.

Mrs. Cabral has intentionally defined student projects that glorify God in both process and product. 

For grades six, seven and eight, Mr. McArthur instructs our students in instrumental music with their class. The students perform two concerts with their full grade, one of these at Christmas and one as a part of our spring Arts Night.  I have observed the students make great progress from absolute beginners at the start of grade six, to experienced musicians at the end of grade eight.  Many students choose to continue taking music for credit in Senior High.    


Grades 7 and 8 History and Geography: Ms. Lau, Mr. To and Mr. Lackey

Like the rest of the teachers, this group sets a very high standard for themselves, and thus a very high standard for their students, with interesting lessons, and projects. One area to highlight is our grade eight business fair project, where students organize, market and run their own small business to cater to the student population.


Grades Seven and Eight Christian Education:

Every day, the students have a time of Christian Education with their homeroom teacher. This includes Bible study and memorization, a specific Bible curriculum for each grade, and looking at the world and our relationships with other people using a Biblical worldview.



Various teachers, guests, and also myself, lead and share in chapels about every two weeks. The topics vary, but they are always Bible-based. 


Special emphasis around Christmas and Easter:

Christmas and Easter chapels are often held as church chapels at Kennedy Road Church, with special music and always with a direct connection to the Christian Education curriculum expectations we have set in place for Christmas and Easter.  


Spring Trips and Special Meetings:

Each grade goes on an overnight trip in May. The grade sixes and sevens travel to Christian camps, Teen Ranch for the sixes and camp Medeba for the sevens. The grade eight students travel to Ottawa. All of these are organized and supervised by our teachers. Each trip has a variety of appealing activities, but more importantly each includes times of devotions and/or chapels.  Making an eternal impact is what these trips are all about.

Before graduation, we hold special meetings with the grade eight students – girls with the female teachers and boys with the male teachers, along with some guest speakers. This is one more time when we can pour into the students the love of Jesus Christ.    

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about our Junior High division.


John Miller

Junior High Vice-Principal and Science Teacher